Thursday, October 16, 2008

Concord grapes, swiss chard and garlic and squash and carrot soup with cilantro...all missoula grown!
K.C, my cat
enough pears to produce a gallon of juice
from left to right: pear, apple, grape

one of the PEAS farm pigs, my dad's pigs' sibling

My cats, K.C. and Tunes
I have been home for a week or so now and have collected quite a bit of fruit and veggies from my various and sundry hot spots. I spent and evening canning pickled beets and salsa. I have been experimenting with different grape jellys. I pressed 3 gallons of apple juice, one gallon of grape juice and one gallon of pear juice. I made cyser, a sweet apple honey wine, with some of the apple juice.

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strangekaty said...

Good to see KC & Tunes are alive and well! How long are you back in the Mizzo? My parents said they ran into you the other night and you seem well.

Loves and misses,