Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gray Mornings

I fell for it once and I
said I will never do that again.
I have an idea of what the results
should be. I have an idea of what
should be produced.

But there is a problem with
the methodology. There is a
disconnect between what should
and what will happen.

Been there, done that.
It did not work so why
bother? I am so emotional
I think I am going to bust
a vein. I am trying to navigate
through that.

So I have gone back to the
drawing board. I am trying
to figure it out. I am looking
at how to live life right. There
are books to read, advice
from parents. The level
of articulation on this topic
is immense.

I have gained a more personalized
understanding of the problem,
therefore I will find a solution.

This is a poem I wrote entirely from excerpts from a lecture given in my anthropology class. Even though he was blabbing on and I wasn't following his thought process, I felt like writing down his words, because, strangely, they are very applicable in many different ways. Julie-maybe you will appreciate this poem the most!!!