Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last Song
by Jason Webley

One day,
The snow began to fall,
And slowly, inch by inch,
Covered up the earth.
'Til finally,
The top of the tallest building,
Was lost beneath a powdered sea,
As quiet as a shadow's grave.

And we say that the world isn't dying.
And we pray that the world isn't dying.
And just maybe the world isn't dying.
Maybe she's heavy with child.

One night,
A woman took my hand.
I left my home and followed her
Into an icy field.
When I wanted to go back,
I'd lost the way.
So she beckoned me to lie beneath
The stone that always bore my name.

One morning,
We woke up in an alley.
To the smell of urine, alcohol,
Trash and gasoline,
With a dim sense of a notion
We'd held something in our hands,
That was bigger than us or God,
And we can never touch again.

I've been looking at the symptoms for a while,
Maybe she's heavy with child.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Listen, soft, I caught a falling star yesterday.
It was on its way to the western shore, on its way, on its way.
I caught it as it plummeted by,
meandering down through the growling sky.
Our hearts pulsed together while cradled in my hand it did lie.
And should we ever need a breath from another time,
soft, all we need do is remember this rhyme.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Monday, April 03, 2006

I am alive!!!
I want to pour like orange juice out of a pitcher. Then I want to take big gulps of myself from a chilled glass and sit down on the grass in the warm sun to thaw. Winter is a long time to freeze.
You know, the other day, while the sun was burning on my back, and my bare toes curled in the dry grass, I felt my spirit lift a little. It is struggling free folks and the Spring thunderstorms and the gusts of wind peppered with lightening are gonna shake it free.
Do you remember standing in a field with your arms spread out, reaching to the horizons with your fingers, lightly brushing them and feeling the ridges and humps. Then the wind gusted up from behind and you could lean back into it without holding on?
When I was little, maybe four or five, I flew...not in an airplane or on an eagle's back... I actually lifted off the ground right where my driveway met Quail Road. No one was around and the air was dead quiet. I was wearing a purple satin prom dress that was way too big and a crown of fake flowers.
I hope I am never too old to remember.