Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom and I in AZ somewhere


Nicolas Cage in Sedona

Mike and I Christmas Eve

Mike and I at Lost Trail Powder MT

Things that have happened since my last post...
Well, it's hard to say because, I have kept very poor track of my activities in my calendar and have not been very structured in what I do in general. The things that stick out the most in my memory are:

1. Buying a new road bike with some college graduation money. The thing is slicker than snot and weighs about that much too! I have been on some hair raising rides down the old east side highway and some much more relaxed rides around town. Can't wait to do my first half century!

2. New Years Eve: I spent it with my best good friend Katy Jones and her hubby. We did some First Night activities including a masquerade ball where I waltzed with the Mystery Guest. Lator, they revealed the mystery Guest's identity to be the local celebrity weather man Mark Heyka! What fun! We rang in the New Years at the Union Club with Tom Catmull and the Clerics, my favorite local band.

3. Down hill skiing is something that I haven't done in years but Mike's enthusiasm prompted me to dust off the old straight skies from the 90s and hit some runs. I am glad to say that skiing is much like riding a bike and I was plowing down runs and over moguls in now time. We combined one awesome ski day with a stay at Lost Trail Hot Springs...glorious.

4. Mom and I took a three week road trip south to Tuscon and beyond. We hiked and hiked and hiked and hiked. We hit worse weather in Utah and southern Arizona than we had all winter in Montana. We woke to frozen zippers and frosty sleeping bags more often than we did to nice warm morning sun. We explored some places that we didn't get a chance to explore like the Superstitious mountains and the Chiricuah mountains. The most eventful hike and the highlight of the trip was in Sedona Arizona where we passed the famous Nicolas Cage. We have only a fleeting photograph of him but his image is burned in my minds eye: black leather jacket, cowboy boots, black leather cowboy hat, black jeans and dark sunglasses and a walking stick. He was talking to his young wife about her father. It was his voice that really gave him away. Nicolas Cage! On a hike! In cowboy boots! Need I say more?
We also went to Lowell Peak Observatory and Kitt Peak observatory where we were able to view Mars and the mood and Orion's Nebula. We had some pretty good beers and some pretty bad beers. We had some good margaritas and some bad margaritas. We saw the Phoenix Suns kick the 76ers butt and we made some kick ass guacamole!

5. My foot is great! I have been dancing, hiking and even running with little to no discomfort.

6. I am going to Nepal in two weeks to meet up with my darling good friend Sarah Patrick. We are planning to trek in the Annapurna for two weeks and then volunteer for another. Then I plan to see Mount Everest and do some yoga! Wish me luck!