Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Scientific Impossibility

This town holds no comfort
for me. Cold buildings sting my eyes
like jalapeno stained fingers.

This grassy dale echoes with our footsteps
and the ocean retracts the toppled
stones into its belly.

This book whispers our names
like a bee searching for a hive. I can't
read the words, the page is blank, bitter.

This street rolls along, numb to the measured
chants of our atom-repelling shoes. We never
touched. It's scientifically impossible.

This sky is littered with golden
coins giggling like seagulls, worthless
currency in a moneyless communion.

This town is stale, an empty shell littering
the drain. I love to swing from a song.
I entwine myself in music, finding a friend

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