Monday, August 16, 2004

My friends, my foes, my enemies, my loves,

I am in a weird mood, but am full of stir fried curry and instant pudding with soy milk and very happy. My weekend in Seattle is coming to a close and was as lovely as ever thanks to Sarita, Tovin, Tovin's cookies, Heidi, Meg and Chris. I am looking forward to burrito night and GORP with candied ginger and miles and miles of lonely trail and sleepless nights and cold lakes and toilet holes, oh toilet holes!
I just purchased a poetry book and would like to share the first poem I read.


Him that I love I wish to be

Free as the bare top twigs of tree,
Pushed up out of the fight
Of branches, struggling for the light,
Clear of the darkening pall,
Where shadows fall-
Of sky;

Free as a gull
Alone upon a single shaft of air,
Invisible there,
No man can touch,
No shout can reach,
No stare;

Free as a spear
Of grass,
Lost in the green
Of a thousand seen
Piercing, row on row;
The crust of earth,
With mirth,
Through to the blue,
Sharing the sun
Circled, each one,
In his cool sphere
Of dew.

Him that I love, I wish to be
Even from me.

-Anne Morrow Lindebergh


Off to Skykomish I go!

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